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Preparing for a New Loan Application At Ross Mortgage, we promise to close your loan on time… every time...guaranteed*

The Following Documentation Would Be Helpful Upon Your First Meeting In An Effort To Expedite The Decision On Your Loan:    

* Most recent paystub    

* Most recent 2 years of W2s    

* Most recent Federal Tax Returns    

* Most recent 2 months of bank       statements    

* Copy of your photo ID

If you are already under contract, please also bring:  

* Copy of your signed offer    

* Contact information for your real estate agent.

If you have any questions about the loan process, interest rates, or need a pre-qualification letter please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Paula Mollov

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS # 715858

(978) 760-9644 

Paula has been helping people with their finances for almost 22 years.  She has been a local resident for over a decade and has a strong understanding of the market with the desire to make the mortgage process convenient and rewarding by guiding a homeowner through the many choices they have to finance their home for the best outcome for all her customers.

Paula’s passion for the industry and for each individual is second to none.  Whether it’s your first home, a second home, or refinancing an existing home let Paula and the power of Ross Mortgage work to help you obtain your goals – for now and the years to come.