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Mortgage Loan Application Checklist

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When you apply for a mortgage loan, any lender is going to ask you for a list of paperwork and statements. But why so many? A home loan is one of the largest loans available and the lender needs to cover all the bases in making sure that you have the means to pay the loan back. So, what is needed to apply for a mortgage loan? We have developed a basic checklist for you to be as prepared for the application process as possible. Don’t forget to follow Ross Mortgage on Facebook and Twitter for daily advice on everything to do with your home.

Basic Mortgage Loan Application Checklist:

• Residential History for all applicants covering the past 2 years

• Employment history for at least the last two (2) consecutive years, including dates employed, name,          

 address and phone number of employer.

• Monthly or yearly income stubs from employment, retirement or other income sources. (Alimony, child

 support, additional maintenance income should not be included unless the applicant(s) would like such

 income to be considered as a basis for repaying the loan.)

• Any and all existing monthly payment obligations that would not be included on your credit report.

 (i.e. rent, alimony, child support, etc.)

• Proof of ownership to any assets that will be used for down payment, closing costs or to satisfy  

 reserve requirements, including names and addresses of banks, S&L or credit union, account numbers

 and the cash and market value evaluation. *Additional verification documents may be requested to

 support information.

• Complete copies of financial statements for any account you list on the loan application that verifies

 any assets or incomes being used for qualification purposes, covering at least the last two months and

 always include all pages of the statements.

• Income verification documents such as W2s for the most recent two years, pay stubs covering at least

 30 days or complete federal tax returns.

Now, this is just a basic list of what you need to apply for a standard mortgage loan. Different types of loans can require different documentation. Your loan officer will be able to help you decipher what else may be needed. If you are looking for a reliable loan officer, just click here. If you are ready to apply for a mortgage loan, why not see what Ross Mortgage can do for you? We’ll close your loan on time… every time… guaranteed.™

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