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The Most Overlooked Open House Preparations You Don't Want to Miss


People can be pretty divided when it comes to throwing an open house. Some people worry that the whole exercise wastes a Sunday afternoon and is more of a way for real estate agents to garner potential clients. On the other hand, an open house gets people through the door and allows them to experience the home, which gives them a better first impression versus seeing your listing online and taking a virtual tour. Whether or not you throw an open house is up to you as the homeowner, but if you find that you are having a hard time selling your home, it is worth considering.  There are things you can catch and correct before the big day to ensure you have the most appealing house possible. Below, Ross Mortgage Company offers some examples of overlooked open house preparations you should check for before letting the first potential home buyer through the door.

Put Away Personal Items

Depersonalization is important when it comes to showing your house. You want potential homebuyers to see themselves in your home. Having family pictures, take-out menus, awards, kids' artwork, diplomas, political information and any other kind of personal artifact subliminally tells open house attendees that this home is already spoken for. 

De-Clutter Storage

A home with plenty of storage options is appealing. People generally have too much stuff, so knowing there is space for it all in a new home helps instigate interest. However, if your existing storage solutions are already full of your own belongings, open house attendees will not get an accurate sense of what your home has to offer. Decluttering your closets, cabinets, attic, basement, refrigerator and built-in shelving creates an openness that accurately portrays the amount of storage in these areas.

Make Mindful Updates


In addition to clearing the clutter, cleaning and organizing your space, you also want it to look inviting, and this goes beyond coordinated throw pillows. Walk through your house and view each room as if it’s for the first time. Look for quick and easy changes you can make that will enhance the space and make it more inviting or eye-catching. For example, you can turn a drab half-bath into a chic powder room with an updated light fixture and contemporary hardware. For extra pop, try adding textured wallpaper to a single wall to liven up the space. When you shop for wallpaper through sites like Spoonflower, not only can you find just about any color or pattern available, but you can also purchase contact paper that is easy to install and reposition. Obviously, it pays to keep your choices tasteful, so avoid anything that could be considered garish or kitschy. 

Take out the Trash

Taking out the trash is one of those preparations that is so simple it's easy to forget. As mentioned above, personal items are considered a big no-no when it comes to showing your house -- and what is more personal than somebody's trash? Make sure all of your wastebaskets are clean and empty. You can also cut down on the funk with DIY trash can deodorizers that absorb odors to keep your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms smelling fresh and clean.

Pets: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

You love your pets like members of your own family, but the truth is not everybody is so keen on animals. Your pets need to be out of sight and out of mind during your open house. The best course of action is boarding them, but you can also look for pet sitters that will watch your furry friends in their own home for the afternoon. Beyond removing your pets, also be sure to hide any evidence of them. Bowls, pet food, toys, and other accessories need to be cleaned up and completely hidden from open house attendees.


Spruce Up Your Exterior


Don’t overlook the outside of your home, especially your yard. Your home’s exterior will give prospective buyers their first impression of your home; make it a good one! Clean up your yard -- removing downed limbs, leaves, and any other debris. Then, give it a fresh mow. And if the time of year is right for it, put out some potted flowers. Don’t forget other exterior elements too, such as your siding, walkways and gutters. 


When throwing an open house, your real estate agent can help with many of the preparations. However, it’s up to you for the last minute details! Removing personal artifacts, decluttering storage, taking out the trash, and keeping pets out of sight are all details you should not miss. Follow these tips and your home will sell in no time! 


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