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Creative Ideas for Stay-At-Home Fun during COVID-19


We’ve never felt that a house is just a property on a piece of land. It’s a place for life to bloom. It’s a place for families to grow and make memories. It’s a home. But now, as we hunker down at home while navigating the unknowns, “home” has transformed into even more. It’s the gym, a 24/7 restaurant, a homeschool headquarters, a hair salon... and so much more.


We’ve enjoyed seeing the creative ways people are using and enjoying their homes during quarantine, so today, we’re sharing a few ideas of our own...


●       Learn to “shelf cook” -  There’s never been a better time to learn how to use what you already have. Shelf cooking is the art of cooking a delicious meal with just the ingredients you have on hand in your freezer, fridge and pantry. Get creative and experiment - there’s no right or wrong decision when there’s not a recipe to follow!


●       Camp out at home - We’re already “camped out” at home, so why not host a backyard campout? Kids and adults alike will enjoy this activity and the memories made will be priceless! No tent? No worries. Host a backyard picnic instead. It’s a perfect way to get some vitamin D while social distancing.


●       Slow down and stargaze - Phones, tablets and other devices have become commonplace in our lives. When was the last time you brought a chair outside to relax, look at the stars and reset? It’s a simple thing that can make a big difference in your mental health during this difficult time.


●       Host a cooking class - Teaching kids how to cook is not just a boredom buster - it helps them learn essential life skills, too. Kids of all ages can help in the kitchen! When kids help cook the meal, they also tend to enjoy eating it more - a true win-win!


●       Shop your space - Flex your creative muscles by going “shopping” throughout your home for things that could be used in a different room of the house. By rearranging the layout of your furniture, you can completely change the feel of a space without having to leave the house or buy anything new.


●       Take a nature walk - Your yard is the perfect place for a nature walk. Try downloading a plant identification app to learn about the plant species found in your yard. Just take a photo of the plant and the app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to tell you what kind of plant it is and how to care for it.


●       Look forward to date night - Plan an at-home “date” with your special person or invite the whole family! Choose a date a few days in advance and plan an evening. Try dusting off those board games and making some popcorn or grab a box of old photos and albums to look through while enjoying a glass of wine.


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